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The Easy Data Pool

Easy to Enter, Easy to Integrate

Getting data from your system into the systems of your trading partners is never as easy as you would
like it to be. Gathering, cleaning, and maintaining product data that is compliant with GS1 standards
takes specialized resources that not every company has access to. Attribytes’ EASY Data Pool Services
ensure you and your trading partners can easily exchange best-in-class product content.

Best Support for your Data Pool Dollars

We believe that good technology should be enhanced with best-in-class customer support and education. The Attribytes Easy Data Pool team has over a decade of GS1 experience with companies of all sizes, and across a broad range of capabilities. Whether its general guidance on how to approach the process or specialized support to resolve technical trouble, we speak your language.

Attribytes Easy Data Pool Dashboard

Enhanced Product Data

View My Product

a central system for supplier data

Both suppliers and brokers get an inside look at how their product appears on various distributor’s point-of-sale systems.
Supplier data can now live under one roof – add, change, or edit product attributes in one single place and all partners and distributors receive the updates.

Leverage your GDSN relationship and complement the data for all trading partners in one place so that you can get out of those clunky spreadsheets and feel the power of real collaboration in the digital age. The product description you can currently send through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) does not allow for product specific descriptors that will help you align with your trading partners on what the product actually is.

Is that cheese product sliced or block? Is this bread whole wheat or enriched white?

Attribytes View My Product screen

Revolutionized Collaboration Services

Collaborate & dominate with dashboard analytics

Go beyond business intelligence when suppliers & distributors work from shared insights within the Attribytes platform. Clean, complete, and robust information is served up any way you need it so that you can focus on execution.

Take advantage of industry experts who will be by your side offering experience and insights to help you drive the business.

Innovative Technology

Built for the Foodservice Industry

by foodservice people

Easy to use modules have been built by sales and merchandising experts from within the industry. With user experience at the top of mind, Attribytes allows your company the ability to enjoy the latest technology while avoiding costly system upgrades.

Insights and reports are easily accessible from any device, 24/7. Enhance, collaborate, and dominate the business anytime or anywhere.

A sampling of the Attribytes dashboard

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