Attribytes has been acquired by Syndigo!

Here’s why, and what you need to know…

Last week, we announced that Attribytes had been acquired by Syndigo, bringing together two great companies with a shared vision to exchange information for brand owners, distributors, retailers, and other key stakeholders in the supply chain. Many of our clients have shared their congratulations and excitement; many also have had questions about how this will impact their content management offerings today and in the longer term.  

Syndigo + Attribytes = A win for all industries, especially Foodservice. 

Syndigo and Attribytes have many company similarities, and – dare I say – synergies. Both are GS1-certified data pools, both utilize a SaaS-based platform model for data management, and both have a very high standard of client-centered service. In addition, Syndigo has a vast global network of retail partners, providing content creation/management, direct syndication, engagement through enhanced content, and analytics optimization. Attribytes brings unique capabilities and an award-winning Foodservice model, which combined with Syndigo’s leading solution will deliver the most complete set of solutions and service for consumer product information management. 

That’s great, Jason… but now what? 

Right now, Attribytes will continue to operate as the organization that Foodservice has come to know and love. Mike Kovarik will continue to lead the Foodservice vertical at Syndigo, in addition to the Automotive and Healthcare sectors. And with a wealth of combined resources, we can now bring together what is truly the best for all our clients. This means an accelerated approach to delivering innovative technology, continuous improvement for an intuitive user experience, and a continuation of concierge-like service that our customers already enjoy.  

Many Attribytes solutions, such as View My Product, Rebate Management, and Sales Dashboards will find a new home with Syndigo and be made available to new industries. It really galvanizes our collective vision to help brand owners, distributors, and operators create and exchange best-in-class data to enable commerce. 

So, for the foreseeable future, not much will change for those paying customers who have enjoyed working with Attribytes. Our next step will be to put together a thoughtful strategy for bringing our teams and technology together in a way that will ultimately benefit our clients.  

If you want to learn more, please join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, November 10, at 11:00 AM CT for an in-depth client discussion featuring key leaders from Attribytes and Syndigo. Sign up now. Even if you cannot attend on that day, if you are registered, you will receive a link to the recorded version.   

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