GS1 Image Compliance: 3 things that will ease your anxiety

A supplier once told me that one of his interns has a ‘nice’ camera and is an amateur photography buff. Against my advisement, he insisted that the intern would take the pictures at the warehouse and photoshop them. Cheap and easy. Unsurprisingly, the images he got back were pixelated and the crop-job done in photoshop lined up with the photographer’s experience: amateur. It finally resonated with my customer − the president and second-generation owner of the company − that he … Read more

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GS1 Compliance Conundrum: you’re compliant, but not compliant

How often do you get your GS1 scorecard from a distributor and see something drastically different than what you thought it should be? Why is it that when you think you’re compliant you end up not being compliant?! Well, there’s a number of factors at play here, but let’s talk about some things that should help guide you to compliance a little faster. And, as always, call me if you have questions! We can help. You’re being scored on ALL … Read more