Attribytes has been acquired by Syndigo!

Here’s why, and what you need to know… Last week, we announced that Attribytes had been acquired by Syndigo, bringing together two great companies with a shared vision to exchange information for brand owners, distributors, retailers, and other key stakeholders in the supply chain. Many of our clients have shared their congratulations and excitement; many also have had questions about how this will impact their content management offerings today and in the longer term.   Syndigo + Attribytes = A win for all industries, especially Foodservice.  Syndigo and Attribytes have many company similarities, and – dare I say – synergies. Both are … Read more

AttriCon 2020 Recap

AttriCon 2020, a virtual forum for data lovers, the very first of it’s kind, has come to a close. Over the course of three days, AttriCon assembled nearly a thousand individuals to connect, share ideas, and educate themselves.

Foodservice Companies – We need your help to identify your ‘retail ready’ items

As consumer demands rapidly evolve, foodservice distributors and manufacturers are having to maneuver their models to accommodate two major needs: Delivering ‘Retail Ready’ products to customers outside of foodservice Offering ‘Grab and Go’ products to help operators bolster their take-out offerings The one major challenge with accommodating these two needs is that distributors do not have the critical attribution needed to understand which manufacturer products will service these two needs. Here’s how you can help… What we’re asking for In … Read more

Top Data Pool FAQs for 2020

Q: What is a data pool? A Data Pool is a service provider that allows brand owners (Data Sources) and distributors (Data Recipients) to exchange product information across the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). Data Pools are typically offer Software as a Service (SaaS) that allow Data Sources and Data Recipients to manage a catalog of products that are uniquely identified by Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs). GTINs are associated to a unique Global Location Number (GLN) that identifies the … Read more

How to make sure your images are more than just ‘compliant’

Let’s talk images again. While you may have heard us talk about images in the past, possibly in our first town hall webinar with Food Marketing Solutions or our previous blog on image compliance, we are still fielding questions on why it’s important to work with a professional photographer and what to expect. So, we are digging into some more of the logistics around getting your images taken and what you should expect from a professional engagement with a company … Read more

How to Write Marketing Content for Foodservice in 2019

In today’s world, shopping online seems to be a pretty robust e-commerce experience for consumers. When it comes to foodservice marketing best practices, however, our VP of Customer Experience, Jason Gunn, discovered several shortcomings related to marketing; images, descriptions, and content, when trying to help his customers feel comfortable making purchasing decisions online. If there’s anyone reading this who has never shopped online, come and see Jason Gunn personally. For the rest of us, let’s take a look at a … Read more

How to get Best-in-Class data with Beaver Street Fisheries

In our Town Hall with special guest, Ray Poinsette, Director of Process Improvement at Beaver Street Fisheries, we talked about how Beaver Street went from making every mistake possible with GTINs to having best-in-class content by leveraging scorecards. Poinsette feels it’s important to share their journey to help their partners and support everyone working together for GDSN synchronization. An industry leader’s guide to achieve 100% on all of your GS1 scorecards Beaver Street Fisheries is not only known for their … Read more

Man holding burnt toast to represent bad prouct marketing image

Are your images and marketing information helping or hurting your sales?

More than 70% of operators are going to be buying products online by the end of this year, according Cleveland Research Company. This means whatever your product information looks like in the distributor’s system is what they see. As a supplier, you have to ask yourself… what do my products look like? Am I providing the right information? Are my images helping or hurting my sales? For the last 10 years, suppliers have been haphazardly collecting images and marketing content … Read more

Common Misconceptions About Your Data

Fear not, my friends! Moving from one service provider to another can be painless. Here’s everything you need to know that will curb your anxiety. 3 Things That Make Switching Data Pools Pain Free Whenever I talk with a supplier about switching from one service provider (data pool) to another, there is an inherent fear. There is a fear of data being lost. There is a fear of disruption. There is a fear of unbridled pain and anguish that they … Read more