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Why Your Data Pool Guys Won’t Take Your Call

Data Pool Vendor Ignored Calls from a F100 Food Manufacturer? What the #!%& The Director of Foodservice Sales for a Fortune 100 manufacturer – one we all know and love, but shall remain nameless for now – was frustrated. Her products were not showing up in search results within one of their distributor’s online shopping tools. The distributor’s system was not receiving images, nutritional information, and marketing detail, so products were being penalized in search results. The data should have … Read more

Two things about your product images that could be killing your business

When shopping and ordering online, foodservice sales reps and customers are reliant on the information displayed within a distributor’s system. Unfortunately, as of June 2017, GS1 reports that less than 40% of products being communicated via GS1’s Global Data Synchronization network (GDSN) contain at least one image. Now the big question is: are those images even any good? All too often we find pictures of a crushed box or images taken by the intern who fancies him or herself an … Read more

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3 things you should know to fix your gs1 scorecard immediately

What items are missing data? Is the data that I’m providing the same data that my distributors are looking for? My data pool says my data is compliant – why is my scorecard looking so grim? How come my scorecard looked good last month, but now I have items failing? The Attribytes team receives questions like these – and more – every day. It’s OK. You are not alone. We are going to get through it together. First, let’s talk … Read more

Fast and Easy Ways to Grow Sales at Reinhart

Suppliers that have complete and robust product data within Reinhart’s sales tools are winning and growing their sales up to 20% faster. Suppliers can also supercharge their sales efforts by gaining access to sales and customer information. WHAT’S THE FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO GROW SALES? View My Product™ is the fastest way for suppliers to display 40% more information. Powered by Attribytes, suppliers are being given complementary access so that they can see exactly what Reinhart sales reps and … Read more

How to Grow Sales: Questions you should ask your data and what to do with the answers

Getting product, sales, and customer information into the hands of a supplier rep or broker is getting easier, as the Foodservice industry takes strides to embrace true data collaboration. Now that the data is flowing, what should we be doing with it? Attribytes is helping suppliers answer these common questions, that help suppliers protect their business and drive growth. In order to leverage BIG DATA you need to THINK SMALL Suppliers have access to more data than they can shake … Read more

Global Data Synchronization and The Attribytes Way

Who, What, & How… Implementation, rationalization, and synchronization. These are big words that can evoke a range of emotions from excitement to genuine fear. When digging into GS1 and the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), the litany of acronyms, terms, and processes can be a little intimidating but in the grand scheme of things, we’re simply talking about an exchange of information. Fear not, fellow Foodservice enthusiast! We are here to help. Below are a few of the basics that … Read more

E-Commerce and product info in the foodservice industry

E-tailers such as Amazon, Zappos, and Facebook have changed the way that people interact with and consume everything. How is this global shift affecting the Foodservice industry? Our very own Jason Gunn discusses this in a Smart Blog article published in 2014 when he was a product information manager for one of the largest Foodservice Distributors in the country. Whether chefs are shopping for shoes or placing a meat and produce order for their restaurants, they want to reach into … Read more

Data – The Final Frontier

OK, so maybe it would sound much cooler in Sir Patrick Stewart’s trademark West Yorkshire accent, but you get the idea. The amount of data available in modern business has taken on astronomical proportions. Being able to navigate that uncharted territory will define strong, successful, and profitable business. In Foodservice, data is everywhere but we have not quite figured out how to use it to climb into the stratosphere. Big data tells you where your company excels and where it … Read more

What’s Your 2016 Resolution? Have the best branch visits ever!

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays have been amazing. I can’t believe we’ve been working with you on Attribytes for four months and it’s already going to be 2016… yikes! I was doing some reading about New Year’s resolutions, wondering what mine could be for 2016. I found something rather interesting. 45% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution every year and only 8% of those folks actually follow through to achieve that goal. They must not have taken into … Read more