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Data – The Final Frontier

OK, so maybe it would sound much cooler in Sir Patrick Stewart’s trademark West Yorkshire accent, but you get the idea. The amount of data available in modern business has taken on astronomical proportions. Being able to navigate that uncharted territory will define strong, successful, and profitable business. In Foodservice, data is everywhere but we have not quite figured out how to use it to climb into the stratosphere. Big data tells you where your company excels and where it … Read more

What’s Your 2016 Resolution? Have the best branch visits ever!

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays have been amazing. I can’t believe we’ve been working with you on Attribytes for four months and it’s already going to be 2016… yikes! I was doing some reading about New Year’s resolutions, wondering what mine could be for 2016. I found something rather interesting. 45% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution every year and only 8% of those folks actually follow through to achieve that goal. They must not have taken into … Read more