Common Misconceptions About Your Data

Fear not, my friends! Moving from one service provider to another can be painless. Here’s everything you need to know that will curb your anxiety.

3 Things That Make Switching Data Pools Pain Free

Whenever I talk with a supplier about switching from one service provider (data pool) to another, there is an inherent fear. There is a fear of data being lost. There is a fear of disruption. There is a fear of unbridled pain and anguish that they will never recover from. So, suppliers will endure poor customer service, a bad user experience, and expensive annual fees to avoid THE PAIN.

1 – The work you have done is still going to be there.

For most suppliers, their service provider is the host of their product catalog. You may hand-key it into a portal or load it up through a spreadsheet, or maybe you’re fully integrated with internal systems. In the end, it is still your data and it goes where you tell it to.

For example, if you want to take a download of your product data and leverage all of the work you’ve already done to build out your product catalog with a new service provider, you can do that! In fact, I would encourage it. You don’t have to rearrange columns or figure out how to fit your data into my template – you simply give me your existing information and we can start from there.

If getting data into your service provider’s catalog is ‘hands-off’ and fully integrated with your internal systems, you can still do that when you switch. We can build all of those pipelines before you make ‘the switch.’ We can test the feeds and how everything looks well in advance of making ‘the switch’ so that we limit the amount of down time for providing updates to your customers.

2 – Your data will not be lost. It’s going to be OK.

When you move from one service provider to another, you have to clear the pipeline ahead of registering with the new service provider. Your existing service provider will sometimes call this a ‘purge’ process, but that alludes to that idea that your data is going to disappear.

It does not.

Distributors will still have any data you had sent to them. You cannot unwittingly suck data out of their system. Now, it’s important that we communicate the switch over is going to happen so that they can take a snapshot of the information, but rest assured, your data is not going to vanish into the ether. Remember, you still have that catalog from before that we will be using to refill the pipeline, so your customers will be getting updated information in no-time.

3 – It does not have to be expensive or take a lot of time.

Most customers we switch over are saving a significant amount of money because we charge based on cost-to-serve, not annual revenue or some complicated matrix of SKUs and customers. Plus, our user interface and upload process is so simple you don’t need an unearthly amount of technical resources.

Most suppliers are two weeks away from publishing information to their customers from the time they give us their data.

The best part is you get a dedicated account manager that you can call whenever you want.

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