GS1 Compliance Conundrum: you’re compliant, but not compliant

How often do you get your GS1 scorecard from a distributor and see something drastically different than what you thought it should be? Why is it that when you think you’re compliant you end up not being compliant?!

Well, there’s a number of factors at play here, but let’s talk about some things that should help guide you to compliance a little faster.
And, as always, call me if you have questions! We can help.

You’re being scored on ALL your items INSIDE the distributor’s system –  not just what you published

As the brand owner, you need to take an active approach to making sure the distributor you are publishing to has received and is using your GDSN data. Just because you published does not necessarily mean you have successfully cleaned up your items within THEIR system. It’s the first step to getting there, but you still need to review the items that they have listed as active in their system. They likely have information in their internal systems from a million years ago when products were setup using scribbles on a cocktail napkin! (And this information is negatively impacting your compliance!)

Get a list of your items from the distributor and scrub those GTINs! Shameless plug: You can do this for FREE by logging into Attribytes View My ProductTM and looking at any of the distributors we work with.

Your marketing might be complete, but probably not compliant

Providing something in the marketing attribute does not necessarily mean hitting the mark on what a sales rep and customer need to see. If you’re simply ‘checking the box’ by putting simple things in your marketing content like ‘Tastes Great!’ or ‘Heat in oven,’ then you’re probably going to catch some flack from your distributors. Many times, the marketing and sales department have not reviewed the content that has been pushed into their data pool service provider’s portal.

You need to review marketing, benefits, and prep instructions with several questions in mind: What is your unique selling promise? How does your product differ? What are things critical to the sale that aren’t included in your product description?

You can check what’s out in the universe by working with your service provider directly, However, if you’re not sure what sales reps and customers need to know about your products, give us a call! We would be glad to guide you through some best practices that are best suited for your category of products.

Don’t spend time on attributes that are a waste of your time

Most service data pool providers do not give you a clear lens into what is absolutely required, what’s nice to have, and what you should have. As a user, you are left to your own devices to go sift through attribute lists and jargon laden implementation guides.

There are THOUSANDS of attributes available in GDSN to define a measure, such as Centesimal Hahnemannian Dilution or Atomic Mass Units, which are completely relevant for some companies, but not for you! Also, did you know the attribute for Tablespoon is G24 and Calorie is D70? Did you care?

We didn’t think so.

Getting compliant, for real

Sifting through the jargon and understanding where to put the focus can be a real drag. Don’t be one of those suppliers who finds out the hard way that you are not hitting your customer’s needs. You have tools at your disposal to figure out where you sit.

You can always get a little free advice by reaching out – no strings attached.

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