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Dashboard Analytics For GS1 & GDSN

“Attribytes helps us have data-driven sales calls and better manage our broker network, by revealing which specific customer and sales-area opportunities need special attention, using the data to hold brokers accountable to action plans.”

- Mary Ellen S., Smithfield Region Sales Manager

Attribytes Dashboard analytics foodservice app

Foodservice companies need more than just a ‘business intelligence’ solution. Reports and features focused on the needs of foodservice distributors and manufacturers make it easy for companies to find, share actionable insights.

Delivering Collaboration

Collaboration, Revolutionized

While distributors need a fast and easy solution for mining their own data, in order to collaborate and dominate the marketplace, distributors also need a way to share data with their supplier partners. Lightning-fast and easy-to-use reports from the Attribytes cloud-based platform ensure distributors, suppliers, and brokers are always aligned.

attribytes customer segment performance
attribytes distribution void matrix
Distribution Void Matrix

Filling the Voids

Eliminate hours or days of data gathering to identify gaps in your product offering or key customer opportunities. Easily search and filter your opportunities within the platform and quickly export into a usable format that is easy to share.

GIS put the matrix to work

+476 new customers

Discover lost sales

Market Share

Understanding upside opportunities within key markets or product groups is critical to strategy formulation and execution. With the Attribytes Platform, you can leverage internal and external data to quickly identify which segments need additional focus.

attribytes product market share

Support to Win

The Attribytes Customer Success Team is there to help you turn insights into actionable intel. Experienced professionals from across the industry help foodservice companies get more out of their data than fancy reporting – they help drive sales growth!


Safety First

Sensitive data requires meticulous care when it comes to security. Our cloud-based solutions boast best-in-class security and protocols to protect your data.

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New Item & Promotion KPI's

See how new and promotional items are performing in each branch. Target your marketing efforts where sales are lagging and make sure your suppliers are putting their resources where they belong.

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