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Easy Data Pool

“I’d spend hours in my previous provider’s portal; it was so difficult to use. Easy Data Pool is much more user friendly”.

- Tom Stano, Castle Rock Meats

Getting data from your system into the systems of your trading partners is never as easy as you would like it to be. Gathering, cleaning, and maintaining product data that is compliant with GS1 standards takes specialized resources that not every company has access to. Attribytes’ EASY Data Pool Services ensure you and your trading partners can easily exchange best-in-class product content.


What is a GDSN Data Pool?

The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) is the world’s largest product data network. GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamlessly. Because companies of all sizes need the same thing—timely and reliable product information—to ultimately benefit consumers and patients.

When product information is accessible and accurate, your business wins.
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Reports and downloads

With product content perpetually in flux, we understand that having quick access to reports detailing the accuracy and completeness of your data is critical. With our easy-to-use portal, download the status of your data or simply download all your data at any time.

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simplified data entry

Easy to enter,
easy to integrate

Some companies like to hand key their data. Others have their data in one place and want a hands-off approach to getting it in and out of their systems. Many more have data in a multitude of disparate systems, and do not even know how to get started. Attribytes’ team of experts will work with your company in whatever way best suits your needs, and the needs of your trading partners.

a decade of GS1 experience

Support when you need it

We believe that good technology should be enhanced with best-in-class customer support and education. The Attribytes Easy Data Pool team has over a decade of GS1 experience with companies of all sizes, and across a broad range of capabilities. Whether its general guidance on how to approach the process or specialized support to resolve technical trouble, we speak your language.

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For Foodservice, By Foodservice

We know how to deliver an experience best fit for the foodservice industry because we have seen and done it all.

Attribytes continues to bring on industry rock stars who have a passion for food, family, cool tech, sports, comic book movies, and inappropriate internet memes.

With experience from a number of roles within the foodservice industry - most notably merchandising, sales, and product data management - the Attribytes team has grown to more than a dozen team members with more than 175+ years of combined foodservice experience, and is currently connecting several of the top 10 foodservice distributors with thousands of manufacturers to collaborate and grow their sales.

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