New Item Setup & Product Information Management

Simplify Your New Item Setup Process

Get top-to-bottom product information management in a modern, easy-to-use web app. Fully integrated with the GDSN and built specifically for the foodservice and retail industry.

set a standard everyone can follow

product descriptions

Assign our category specific 'Attribytes' to your products. Not only does your product gain industry-leading product detail, but they get standardized & auto-generated product descriptions!

attribytes gs1 scorecards
working from the same sheet

Start your
product request workflow

The product request workflow is now simpler than ever. Have Account Executives request products directly within the app, and track it through a 3 stage pipeline from request to approval.

See every product's data completeness with a total breakdown by individual categories

  • Nutritionals

  • Marketing

  • Core

a decade of GS1 experience

Get help from
your trading partners

Your vendors know their product best. Instead of meticulously hunting down product data on your own, involve your vendors within Attribytes to help you populate their data.


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