synchronized pricing updates at the click of a button

Pricing & Logistics

Simplified updates for both supplier and distributor when leveraging cloud technology to exchange pricing information in one language with one click, all while utilizing the pricing format of your choice.

Attribytes Pricing and Logistics Foodservice app
Single-source updates

Reduce Errors

This Attribytes module takes all the pain points out of the inherently error prone method of sending and receiving revised spreadsheets via email.

Now, suppliers can update their distributor pricing at a single location all while distributors can pull those updates and push them into their own proprietary systems.

attribytes pricing and logistics
attribytes pricing logistics visibility
Track all changes

Visibility & Accountability

Delivered case cost or FoB? Need to add freight? No problem! Edits within the platform simplify the process so that buyers and sellers have clear lines of visibility to freight charges, pick up allowances, and surcharges. Automated validations help keep your pricing consistent and error free. Keep track of who made what changes with simple reporting features.

Less errors, saved time

Faster Updates

Attribytes Pricing & Logistics module makes it easy to add and update pricing without the hassle of error prone spreadsheets. Breeze through one-click updates within the platform and easily download updates in a customized format that you can easily load into your system.

attribyes pricing and logistics speed

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