06/16/2020 10:30 am

AttriCon 2020 Day 1

Learn from Industry Leaders

We’ve gathered some of the best and brightest from the foodservice, retail, and startup space to deliver meaningful, actionable messages to help understand the new digital landscape for brand owners and suppliers.

Tuesday, June 16th will feature:

  • Opening keynote with a celebrity chef and restauranteur
  • How to build a winning data quality strategy
  • Improving traceability and protecting the supply chain
  • Major challenges that brand owners can solve for operators
  • Level up your sales with winning data tactics
  • Why sales & marketing should ‘own’ your data
  • GS1 101 & Learning the basics about GTINs, GLNs, and Standards
  • Myths, rumors, and legendary misconceptions about how data pools work
  • How to get sales & marketing engaged with your data needs

Webinar Host