Virtual Food Show

Food shows are a great way to engage with customers, but given the virtual world that we live in, we know it can be a challenge. Even if you are considering a live event, you will want to consider a virtual food show as well. Whether it stands alone or complements a live event, register for my webinar to get a free look into what we’ve developed to revolutionized the way distributors and manufacturers interact with customers to introduce new items, offer … Read more

Rebate Management

Sales incentives, purchasing allowances, rebates, and more! Keeping track of rebates can be a complicated task, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Attribytes founder, Mike Kovarik, will show you how Attribytes has developed the simple solution that Foodservice has been waiting for over the last few decades! During this webinar, Mike will discuss: The challenges and opportunities of rebate management in Foodservice How foodservice distributors are saving time and money What you need to think … Read more

Ben E Keith is updating requirements

As Ben E Keith strives to improve the product data we share with our sales force and online customers, we are updating a few of our requirements that could potentially affect your View my Product scorecard. We will be hosting a webinar to review the details of these changes as well as offer some clarification on a few scorecard details that seem to cause some suppliers a bit of confusion. During this webinar, you’ll hear more about: The new scorecard … Read more

Switching GS1 Certified Data Pools

We often hear manufacturers talk about how painful it is to switch from one GS1 Data Pool to another. As well, companies will sign up for data pool services under pressure because they are about to do business with a new customer or launch a new product. Stop by this Town Hall to hear how easy it can be to get better service at a better price. During this Town Hall, we’ll discuss: What you should consider when renewing your … Read more

New Item Setup & View My Product

How would you like to simplify your new item setup process? Attribytes’ New Item Setup tool gives you top-to-bottom product information management in a modern, easy-to-use web app. During this webinar, we will discuss: How the tool sets a standard everyone can follow Getting help from your trading partners Enhancing your product data

Document management revolutionized for Foodservice

We know that Foodservice distributors, manufacturers, and operators struggle with keeping track of critical documents.  There are sensitive documents that expire and need to be updated.   Collecting documents such as W-9’s, plant audits, insurance certificates, or any other required documentation is a time-suck. During this Town Hall, we will discuss how our new took makes it easy to: Create and maintain critical documents Track expirations and automatically engage with suppliers Collect and store documents in an fully customizable solution

Rebate management

Would you like a top-to-bottom rebate management tool to track purchase and sales programs? Attribytes’ new Rebate Management tool makes it easy to offer incentives to your customers. During this Town Hall, we will discuss: Rebate management tracking that works for you and your team How to group and filter your programs without having to view individually Tracking performance of any of your rebate programs

How to use distributor sales data out in the field – What you need to know!

Manufacturers have gone from data starved to data saturated and the big question is: How do we apply data to our front-line sales efforts? Whether you’re getting your data from Attribytes or another platform, we want to help you ask the right questions to cultivate the biggest opportunities from your data. During this Town Hall, we will discuss how to: Easily find and manage local resources such as area reps and brokers Build a better business review by using distributor … Read more

Switching GS1 Certified Data Pools

Many companies fear switching from one GS1 Certified Data Pool to another because they’re under the impression that data will be lost. This is not the case. See how easy data pool can be!

Are your products eCommerce ready? Featuring Upstart Food Brands

Your clients use your data pool to ensure they’re publishing the right content to industry sources, and that’s a great start. But, a brand is only as strong as its foundation. Companies that invest in quality branding have better, more desirable assets to share with retailer. Whether your brand is established or you are just getting started, tune in to hear Josh Schipkowski from Upstart Food Brands. During this Town Hall, Josh will discuss: How you can ensure your brand … Read more