What You Need To Know When A Distributor Switches To Attribytes

If you work with a distributor that recently switched to Attribytes, you probably have some questions. What happens to your data? What do you need to do to ensure your customers continue to get good content? We have answers to your questions! During this Town Hall, we’ll discuss: What actually happens when a distributor switches data pools What suppliers need to know and do in order to stay compliant Key concepts about the GDSN that are often misunderstood

Fall In Love With Attribytes This Valentine’s Day

Let us win you over this Valentine’s Day! Not in love with your data pool provider? Let us romance you this Valentine’s Day to make sure you’re in love with your data and customers are in love with you! During this Town Hall, we’ll discuss: What makes data attractive How your data pool should be keeping the fire alive Why you should consider a new data pool provider this year!

Cleaning up your scorecard with AttriStar Kerry Rutkowski

Featuring our second AttriStar, this Town Hall will showcase how Kerry Rutkowski of Rema Foods is delivering best-in-class product content. During this Town Hall, we’ll discuss: How Kerry works with Attribytes Scorecards What steps she takes to clean up distributor’s active items  Best practices for working with her data pool provider

FSEnablers app with Attribytes

How to switch to Attribytes and get FSEnablers free mobile app

Attribytes Easy Global Data Pool is the trendiest way to send product information that is more than just GS1 compliant – it’s best-in-class. Now, through our collaboration with Food Service Enablers, you can easily populate your product content into their easy-to-use app, the One Food Service Product Library App. With FSEnablers FREE App, you can access your information on any mobile device to easily Access your product information on any mobile device View and email spec sheets Search by customer, … Read more

Document management revolutionized for Foodservice

Collecting, tracking, and storing critical documentation such as Certificates of Insurance or plant audits between trading partners can be a nightmare. Check out an easy-to-use platform that gets you our of your filing cabinets with automated workflows, notifications, and archiving.

GTIN’s for Newbies and Beginners

Questions about GTINs? Watch this Town Hall and learn how to assign GTINs from our experts! In this session, you’ll learn how to identify all of your products confidently and accurately to avoid common mistakes.

GS1 Advanced Experience

If you joined or watched our GS1 101 FAQ’s and feel like a pro, this town hall was made for you! This session will help you take your skills to an expert level, helping you improve your relationships with customers and trading partners.